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Jawahar Hotels and Resorts

Sunset Point Resort Jawahar
Sunset Point Resort Jawahar


Sunset Point Jawhar Road, Thane, Maharashtra..

Symphony Lake View Resort
Symphony Lake View Resort Jawahar


Jawhar Silvassa Road, Opp. Jaisagar Dam,

Dabhosa Waterfall Resort Jawahar
Dabhosa Waterfall Resort Jawahar


Village Dabhosa, Off Jawhar Silvassa Road, Taluka Jawhar, District Thane
Jawahar is located on top of the Sahyadari Hills, 150 km from Mumbai, 80 km from Nashik, 56 km from Trumbakeshwar, 46 km from Silvassa, 46 km from Silvassa.The village is a paradise of various Picnic Spots / Points like Hanuman Point, Sunset Point, Jai Vilas Palace, Natural Waterfalls, Jai Sagar Dam, Jeejamata Udyan and many mores. With the highest Rainfall and Fog in the region, for many it is "MINI MAHABALESHWAR".
Jai Villas Palace
The "Jai Villas Palace" was built by the king on the top of the hill, surrounded by thick forest and kaju plantations. Besides tourist attraction, the palace is famous for film shootings. Its design and dignity will remind you of 'Bangalore Palace'. Jai Villas Palace is just 5 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.
Jai Villas Palace
Hanuman Point (Sunrise Point)
On the east side of the city from nearly 1 to 2 km from the heart of the city there was a old temple of maruti which was surrounded by dark forest of cactus , thus known as Katya Maruti mandir.Ahead of mandir there is a vally .The temple is surrounded by vally from three side.The vally is nearly 500 feet deep As the development is done the temple is renovated and now it is known as hanuman Point.
Sunset Point
From the special sunset platform, you can watch the most attractive sunset on the earth. Here, everyday sun takes dip in to the green ocean of Sahyadari Hills. Sunset Point is just 5 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.
Sunset Point
Dabhosa Water Fall
It is 300 feet high nature's miracle. Natural waterfall with thrilling and cold at the bottom. Dabhosa Water Fall is just 20 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.
Dabhosa Water Fall
The shirpamal, it is a 300 years old creation of the Great Maratha King. "Shivaji Maharaj" created the 'Gateway' on the top of the highest hill to keep watch on the enemy. It gives you the aerial view of the complete valley. Its Thrill is worth experiencing. Shirpamal is just 5 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.
Hanuman Point (Sunrise Point)

Jai Sagar Dam
In the lap of Sahayadari forest is 'Jai Sagar Dam'. It is the most attractive picnic spot. It is the most common tourist spot for the "Love Birds". There is joy and entertainments at its bank. Jai Sagar Dam is just 5 minutes from Sunset Point Resort.

Jai Sagar Dam
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